Monday, 30 March 2009

Word Count: Unchanged

I was reading about the mystical experiences of Plotinus in Leszek Kolakowski's rubbish popular philosophy book: 'Why is there something rather than nothing.' This has been my toilet reading book for the last month or so. Now I am on the last chapter I may leave it in there and put it to a decent use. Anyway, the mystical experience stuff gave me an idea that may reinvigorate my abandoned time-travelling schoolgirl novel, 'The dial's shady stealth.' If my word count suddenly jumps to about twelve thousand it is probably because I have returned to working on that.

Word Count: Unchanged

I woke up at four o'clock today. That's late even by my standards. I slept through my eleven and one o'clock alarms. Must be time for a new ringtone. Still the hour went forward at the weekend so it was three o'clock really. I give myself a fortnight before that excuse wears thin. Anyway no time to work on the novel today as I have to have my dinner (cottage pie) for breakfast and go straight to work an evening shift at the Temple. I hand over the money for the new house tomorrow and move in on Sunday. Packing is so boring that I may actually write something this week just to avoid doing it. I do intend to start putting in some serious hours writing once installed in the new abode. Mind you, I said that six months ago when I moved in here... but this time I mean it.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Word Count: Unchanged

With all the house-hunting partying online pokering and sleeping in til two every day, a month has slipped by without me even opening Word. So much for a thousand words a day. A thousand words a month seems to be my average. Guess my feeling of guilt lasted about two days. It does seem to be the best motivator I have experienced. If only I wasn't so good at ignoring it, I'm certain I'd get a lot more done.

Glad to see I've picked up a new follower (despite not publishing any posts) Hello Hanski - whoever you might be - any chance that you and the mysteriously photographless 'Chris' could make me feel guiltier?

Much appreciated.