Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Norwich Village

I thought I would write a little about Norwich, as I went to a funeral of a local man, Bernie, yesterday and was touched by the turnout. The service was brief - three pop songs and a eulogy.  The wake was in a pub. People of all ages sitting around in the garden saying how 'lovely' the buffet was. (Sausage rolls, wotsits, quiche, and chicken legs).  I don't want to sound snobbish - I actually like all those things and went back for seconds. 'Bernie would have loved this,' everyone kept saying.  Maybe he would.  Even though he was dead, people kept buying pints of John Smiths and putting them beside a photograph of him.  

To me, Norwich is the people I share it with. Initially, the crowd I met at University, but gradually widening to include a more diverse group of individuals.  'Norwich Village' - the locals joke, but I like that feel to a place.  I would happily have stayed in Martinstown (the village in Dorset where I grew up) if all my friends hadn't left in search of work. 

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