Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The beginning
The world record for solving a previously unknown 500 piece jigsaw is 54 minutes and 10 seconds (this is a link to a records site that quotes the source not an hour long video of a man solving a jigsaw puzzle). This one took three of us a little over five hours. Spike said he wouldn't help unless it was a Doctor Who puzzle. He loves Dr Who. 

My favourite jigsaw record-breaking story features craftsman and fellow Weymuffian,Dave Evans' attempt to build the world's largest jigsaw. He made the 40,000 piece giant puzzle only to see it collapse a week before it was to be presented to the Queen for her Golden Jubilee. The experts claim the time to complete a puzzle quadruples as it doubles in size. So if Evans had brought in me, Charlie and Spike to reassemble his puzzle it would have taken us:
The end!

5 = 5
10 = 20
20 = 80
40 = 320
80 = 1280
160 = 5120
320 = 20480
640 = 81920

Let's be generous and say it would have taken us 30,000 hours or a little over three and a half years!

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