Friday, 2 September 2016

What to Do if You Find Yourself in Profit

It's been over a year since I took up my second job of writing the internet. The extra income I've earned from blogging (not from Finnginn blogs obviously) helped pay for my wedding earlier this year. However, now that expense is more or less over, I find myself in a situation where my outgoings don't exceed my income. For the first time in my life: I know what 'profit' feels like.

When you earn more than you can spend, you are supposed to keep the difference and spend it later on something really big. I've never really understood this rationale. Probably because I'm lazy: I just think, 'I could work less!' My solution is to cut my shifts at the Temple back down to a civilised 24 hours a week.

The plan is to free up Tuesdays to pursue my personal writing projects that have been a bit sidelined with all the commercial stuff I've been doing. I've just about managed to bang out the odd one of these Finnginn posts, but I feel I'm neglecting the crossword puzzles and the longer projects. 

There is, of course, sound philosophical reasoning behind all of this. Bertrand Russell suggested in In Praise of Idleness that the great works of art would never have been produced if humans just worked all the time. 

Charlie disagrees with Bertrand Russell and thinks that taking Tuesdays off was a silly idea. It seems obvious to her that if I needed more free time then I should just get up earlier. 

I don't often link to the uncredited commercial blogs that I write from here, but I'm quite proud of this one for a local fitted wardrobe company. 

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