Monday, 27 April 2009

The World's Best Yorkies

The Yorkshire puddings Katy, Chris and I made for our roast yesterday were the best I've ever seen. So we have photographed them and posted them on Facebook and also here on my blog. The secret's in the batter mix but will we ever hit that perfect ratio again?

Regular followers will know that this is the first photograph I have posted. I thought it would be difficult but actually it was dead easy so I might do it more in future.

No Excuses.

No excuses for not writing some more of my novel this week. I have two days off in a row. I've finished my epic bee poem (see below) and I'm completely brassic so I can't go out on the piss/top up my online poker account. Clearly the perfect time to write. (Though the procrastinator in me notices that the world championship snooker tournament is on...)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Word Count Unchanged

Alright, I have finally moved into the new house and sorted out the internet. The word count on the novel is as ever unchanged, but I have made lots of progress on my epic poem of war and suffering: The Bee's Sneeze. Just a few more stanzas to go. Read it here first.