Sunday, 11 October 2009

Swine Flu

I've been laid up in bed all day, so I've decided to take up my blog again. Apologies to my four loyal followers who have no doubt been checking every day for five months to see if a new post has appeared. No real progress on... well, on anything really. I've been writing a few haiku this week commemorating (commiserating?)the end of my relationship with Katy. She doesn't know its over yet because she has been on a bender for the last week and I figure it better to tell her when she is sober and to her face. I don't think she will be too sad: I don't seem to mean much to her anymore. I guess we stretched things out longer than would have been natural. Anyway, here are some of my break-up haiku (my spellcheck informs me that this is the correct plural - who knew?)

Sleep evades me now.
Will Autumn sunshine suffice
to warm my mattress?

I'm sorry I was
angostura bitterness
in your sweet pink gin.

Hats and jewelery
and your rain-proof anorak
await collection.

Your Mercurial
landscape covers the damp patch
on my party wall.

Ignoring our past,
I crossed a road to see a
spider's frosted web.

Must learn not to love
a lie or a liar's way
of living her life.

Perhaps now I can
grow that massive trucker 'tache
I've always dreamed of.