Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fourth of July

Exactly a year ago, my friends Kate and Chris got married. I wrote a poem as a gift to them and performed it to the six people who were still awake at midnight on day three of the party they threw. I thought I'd post it here today as it has a topical title.

A Declaration of Dependence

Geography wed Geography
When the Old World wed the New.
The Old World's got the lineage,
The New World's got the view.
But the waters of the Schuylkill
And the Irwel mingle true.
The Angel of the North wed Liberty,
The Old World wed the New.

History wed History
When the Old World wed the New.
Paul Revere went riding
With Lady Godiva nude.
Walpole slept with Washington
And hilarity ensued.
Dependence was declared between 
The Old World and the New.

Bitter ale wed lager
When the Old World wed the New.
The foaming cream of Manchester 
Came wrapped in a Ribbon of Blue.
When John Smith met Jack Daniels,
He said "How do you do?
I think we'll chase each other now
The Old World's wed the New."

Fantasy wed Fantasy
When the Old World wed the New.
Buffy gave up slaying vampires
To travel time with Doctor Who.
Bagpuss donned his thinking cap
To solve mysteries with Scooby Doo.
Henry's Cat wed Lisa Simpson.
The Old World wed the New.

I recommend you check out the happy couple's blogs (links under their names above). Kate is documenting the progress of writing her second novel. Chris writes the weekly Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure.