Thursday, 30 August 2012

On work

Nothing kills creative endeavour like having to go to work. Ubilol hasn't blogged for months.  Now she's got a proper job, who knows when we will get another sublime piece of artistic prose or a slanted defence of Bertrand Russell's inability to answer a taxi driver.

Russell famously said that there are only two types of work: Moving matter around at or near the surface of the Earth and telling other people to do so. Perhaps, in the 21st Century, there are two more: Rearranging information in a digital format and working in a call centre.

I've spent the last decade moving matter around for money and when my boss left me in charge for two weeks got to experience the horror that is telling other people to do so. I had to take two weeks off to recover.

Now I'm back from my holiday and committed to my new regime of working less and writing more. Just like Bertrand would've advised. 

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