Thursday, 1 May 2014

Election Blues and Clerihews

It's coming up to European election time. Lacking the glamour of the general election and the relevance of the local election, the European election can come across as a bit faceless and boring. You don't even get to vote for a person. Just a party (not the good kind). Here in the East, there are seven seats that are distributed to the parties according to the proportion of the vote received. Asleep yet?

Honestly, I am boring myself just writing this. Vote Green. Here are some Clerihews of three of the party leaders:

Nigel Farage's
Party's the largest
Bunch of xenophobics.
(That's Greek for racist pricks!)

David Cameron
Lives in a mansion
Surrounded by Nitwits
Cutting workers' rights and disability benefits.

Nick Clegg
Is a chocolate egg
That likes to lie to you.
(One part of the sentence above is not true.)

If you think you can do better, why not write one for Edward Miliband and whoever is leading the Green Party this week? A small prize will be awarded for the best one in the comments below...


  1. Ed Miliband a common Man
    2 million pound house but has a transit van
    There is someone behind him in the halls
    Be careful not to get stabbed by Ed Balls

  2. Yorkshire have created the "Yorkshire First" party and are contesting the European elections.

    Vote Yorkshire First for the working mans right,
    To get paid for boozing and go back on strike.

  3. Ed Miliband
    All pucker and tanned
    Should have taken a step back
    And given his brother a crack