Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A list

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, gave a speech to the 'Better Together' campaign to keep Britain united in which he asked, "What could be scarier than not knowing what your currency will be?" This is the sort of terror that keeps the economist awake at night? Lucky bastard. 

Finnginn's list of things that are scarier than not knowing what your currency will be:

Spiders (obviously)
Crowded Flights
Crowded Trains
Horror Movies
Alzheimer's (or any degenerative disease)
The sting from a wasp
The death of bees
House spiders
The dark
And Walking home alone at night
A stranger lurking just outside the light
Climate change and global warming
Ants and cockroaches (anything swarming)
Ferocious animals like tigers and bears
And daddy-long-legs (when they fly into your hair)
Orb-weaving spiders
Zombies that walk
Zombies that run
The ultimate heat-death of the Sun
Vampires in their vampire hats
Werewolves' teeth and vampire bats
Bird-eating spiders
Deep water - seas and lakes
And lizards and amphibians
Guns and the people who are into guns
Sleep paralysis
Crowded spaces
And spiders (obviously)

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