Wednesday, 13 July 2016

State of the Nation

Newer readers may be wondering why a blog full of political rants about current events has the tag 'poet' in its subheading. I used to post poems up here as well. Trying to keep up with political commentary at the pace things are changing would be a full time job anyway. So instead I offer you a State of the Nation poem:

State of the Nation

Ashtray Britain
Damp ashtray Britain
A damp ashtray overflowing on to a 
Pub bench Britain
Broken pub bench Britain
A pub bench broken by poor workmanship in a
Deserted British beer garden 

Hamper Britain
Picnic hamper Britain
A picnic hamper unpacked on to a 
Blanket Britain
Chequered blanket Britain
A chequered blanket spread on white dunes on a
Crowded British nudist beach 

Laptop Britain
Charging laptop Britain
A laptop charging from a socket on a
Train Britain
Delayed train Britain
A Train delayed due to rain today and
Nobody gives a British toss

Bookmark Britain
Souvenir bookmark Britain
A souvenir bookmark brought on a
School trip Britain
Annual school trip Britain
An annual school trip to the local museum
And its shop full of British gifts (made in China)

I always forget to add that if you like my poems you can read the full back catalogue in one place on my alter-ego's page over on poem pigeon. You can leave comments, but not rude ones as they get deleted.

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  1. We bleved we had a government true and stronge we thought we had leadership ,media relation, but all we had Was lies lies from the top lies from the media lies written right
    Through a pice of rock, welcome to the UK