Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On the origins of Finnginn

The blogosphere has been abuzz with discussion about why I post under the pseudonym Finnginn. The truth of the matter has nothing to do with Michael Fassbanger (sic)'s upcoming role in Jane Eyre and I'm not sure that Finnginn even rhymes with St John which (in the Westcountry, at least) is usually pronounced "sinjun".

Finnginn (or sometimes Fiengins) was the name of the imaginary friend I had from around the time I learned to talk to around the time I started school and made an actual friend.  And let me tell you, ubilol, "cutesy and asinine" he was not.  In just the few of his many adventures that I can still recall - he fought valiantly against armies of troll-like bullies, survived some kind of torture machine that looked a lot like Bertha (only scarier) and crossed a tentacle infested marshland based loosely on the bathroom floor of my first house.  A hero, a Beowulf, a Jungian archetype fully formed in the imagination of a pre-schooler.  What better service could I pay his memory than name a blog about procrastination after him.  

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  1. I love him! Have you written any stories with him as the protagonist (sp?) I think you should. More please.